ADULT Learn To Play Hockey & Skill Development


Sunday's 12:55pm-1:50pm

Prerequisites:  none

ADULT LTPH/SKILL DEVELOPMENT                                                                        

Length:  55 minutes / 8 Classes   

Cost:  $200.00

Prerequisite:  none

Cost:  $200.00 

Required equipment: Helmet w/cage, Gloves, Hockey Pants, Athletic Cup, Hockey Skates, Elbow Pads, Shin Pads, Mouth Guard and Stick.

Adult LTPH will focus on Power Skating, Stick Handling, Passing and Shooting

This is a great class for Adults who want to develop as hockey players. Each adult will receive professional coaching- the same that is used for player development with elite hockey athletes at a very low cost. This class is guaranteed to increase player hockey I.Q. and build the confidence it takes to be ready for you first or second adult competitive league experience.

PLEASE NOTE THAT if you are involved/registered in one of our weekly Lunch League Programs at the ICE RANCH- this rate will be discounted 25% off. Just email our Program Director Prior to Registration for our Adult LTPH Program at or contact Coach Brent Bohn at 303-285-2116