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The Ice Ranch “Red Level – Severe Risk” Personal Training Procedures

10/20/2020, 1:00pm MDT
By Grant Woodley

On Friday, November 20, 2020 The Ice Ranch will offer personal training sessions in the following format. Personal training sessions are by reservation only. There will be a physical barrier across center ice to divide the rink into two (2) separate rooms. Each half sheet of ice may now have a maximum of ten (10) players with a staff member. There will be a visitor sign-in sheet at the check-in table. Each participant will receive a body temperature scan and answer health screening questions upon arrival. Players are strongly encouraged to come to the rink fully dressed (except for skates and helmet).

  • Reservations will be billed direct and individuals should call with a credit card to make payment, as there will be minimal contact with cashiers.
  • Skaters may not show up more than 20 minutes prior to their ice time.
  • Skater or Parent & Coach must fill out a daily visitor log at check-in.
  • Skater & Coach will receive a body temperature scan at check-in.
  • Skater (11 & Older), Coach & Parent are required to wear a facial mask at all times while inside the facility. Skater is encouraged to wear a mask on the ice but is not required during physical exertion.
  • Skater, Coach & Parent must maintain six (6) feet social distancing at all times.
  • Maximum of ten (10) skaters on the ice in a single group. One (1) group on each half of the ice.
  • Skaters are encouraged to come to the rink dressed to the fullest extent possible. No dressing in the lobby, or non-designated areas.
  • All water fountains have been turned off, so skaters should bring their own water bottle.
  • Do not share water bottles, towels or any other personal equipment.
  • Parent(s) will not be allowed to stay inside the facility during the session, only the skater & coach will be allowed to stay during the sessions.
  • If your skater requires assistance tying skates, you may stay to tie his / her skates, but will then be asked to exit the facility, and return when the session is complete.
  • Do not bring siblings of your skater to the rink, only the skater will be allowed to stay during his / her session.
  • Skater should not shower at the rink (showers will remain closed).
  • Skater may not linger longer than 15 minutes after his / her session ends.
  • Thoroughly sanitize personal gear and equipment after use

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