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Ignite Hockey and Perfect Skating

02/14/2023, 6:30pm MST
By Grant Woodley

Summer Programs

1. Rick Ferroni’s RF8 Summer Camp

Unlock the skills and qualities you need to elevate your game to the next level!

In our RF8 5-day camp, players receive 20-hours of on-ice skill development by world-class instructor, Rick Ferroni, and his team.

The customized hockey curriculum is designed to dial in on your player’s technical proficiency and tactical acuity using the Ferroni Progressive 8 (RF8) Hockey Development Model. 2015-2011.



2.  Ignite Off-Season

IGNITE-OFF-SEASON is the premier summer training program for elite hockey development. WE take your investment seriously. We guarantee that every player who commits fully in our IGNITE OFF-SEASON program will get faster, become leaner and stronger, and be mentally prepared for take-off into their season. Groups for Pro player to 2010s.



3 .Ignite Goalie Off-Season

Ignite Goalie Off-Season is a multi-week holistic program designed specifically for goalies to maximize growth in the off-season. Goalies will develop through purposeful on-ice training sessions, strength and conditioning, vision training, hot yoga, and leadership training to build mental toughness and personal leadership. On-ice development involves goalie-specific training sessions and on-the-spot feedback during practice and game situations.

Goalies will receive instruction in a FULL ICE setting. Goalies will get to train the same way they will play in a game with real game situations and drills using a regulation 200×85 ice surface. Groups for Pro player to 2010s.



4. Perfect Skating Denver Lessons 

The Best Skaters Move the Best! Perfect skating is the first choice for 250+ NHL players. Weekly semi-private lessons available during the school year. Lessons for all ages and skill levels. 


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