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The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has approved the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA), the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) and the Rocky Mountain Hockey League (RMHL) to “return to play”. The Ice Ranch will conduct “return to play” business operations following the information provided in those documents and the CDPHE’s 8th Amended Public Health Order 20-36 COVID-19 Dial 2.0.

There will be a visitor / team sign-in sheet at the check-in table. Each participant will receive a body temperature scan and answer health screening questions upon arrival. Each rink will have separate entrances and exits. The LHA Rink will use the NW Exterior Rink door. The Hawks Rink will use the main entrance.

  • One (1) spectator is permitted per participant. Teams are encouraged to live stream their contests.
  • Contests shall be limited to twenty (20) players per team plus support staff. Support staff shall include coaches, scorekeeper, clock operator, penalty box attendants, videographer and referees. The total count for any contest shall not exceed fifty (50) people.
  • Participants may not show up more than thirty (30) minutes prior to their scheduled ice time.
  • Players are encouraged to dress in all gear, except helmet, skates, and gloves prior to entering the facility.
  • Facial masks shall be worn covering both nose and mouth when entering and exiting the facility by all event participants. Players shall wear masks when entering the ice surface and shall wear a mask upon exiting the ice surface. Masks may be removed during active play if it interferes with other safety equipment or interferes with breathing. Support staff must wear masks covering the nose and mouth at all times, no exceptions. Referees are encouraged to use electronic whistles, so they may wear their mask correctly at all times.
  • Social distancing between all participants of six (6) feet must be maintained. Players’ bags should be placed six (6) feet from others’ bags. Players should store their belongings in their bags. Coaches should assess and determine appropriate spacing between players on the bench during game play, stoppages, intermissions, etc. Space adjacent to the bench area should be used whenever possible.
  • Pre and Post contest handshakes, fist bumps, hugs, are prohibited between participants.
  • Spitting is strictly prohibited.
  • All water fountains have been turned off, so skaters must bring their own labeled individual water bottle.
  • Do not share water bottles, towels or any other personal equipment.
  • Participants should not shower at the rink (showers will remain closed).
  •  All event participants must exit the facility without delay following the conclusion of the contest.
  • Thoroughly sanitize personal gear and equipment after use

Celly's Open To-Go

05/26/2020, 2:15pm MDT
By Grant Woodley

Click to View the Menu

Celly's Bar & Grill is opening for To Go & Curbside pickup this Wednesday, May 27th from 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm!
To Go / Curbside menu is below. Call and order your favorite!


Celly's Bar & Grill

Togo & Curbside Menu

3:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Monday - Friday





Garlic Knots


10 knots topped with garlic butter

French Fries


Hand cut & fried fresh

Onion Rings


Beer battered & cooked to a golden brown

Stromboli Rolls


3 large pizza rolls with choice of 3 toppings

Wings (6 count)


Bonless or Bone-In Wings

     (12 count)


Choice of sauce: Buffalo, BBQ, Teriyaki,

     (18 count)


Garlic, Sweet Thai

Mozzarella Sticks


6 crispy sticks filled with mozzarella cheese

Mac N Chez Bites


8 crispy triangles stuffed with Mac N Chez





By the Slice


Add toppings $.50 each

Build Your Own 14"


Veggie toppings $1.00 Meat toppings $1.50

Build Your Own 16"


Veggie toppings $2.00 Meat toppings $2.50

Face-Off 14"


Marinara with pepperoni & sausage

Face-Off 16"


Marinara with pepperoni & sausage

Open Net 14"


Marinara with veggies

Open Net 16"


Marinara with veggies

The Maui 14"


Marinara with Canadian bacon & pineapple

The Maui 16"


Marinara with Canadian bacon & pineapple

Overtime 14"


Meat Lovers pizza

Overtime 16"


Meat Lovers pizza


Toppings: pepperoni, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, 

grilled chicken, breaded chicken, bacon, green peppers

mushrooms, black olives, tomatoes, pineapple, red onion,

basil, jalapenos, garlic, green chilies

2020 Ice Ranch 3v3

04/20/2020, 1:45pm MDT
By Grant Woodley

1st week of June 2020-August 16th, 2020

COVID-19 IMPORTANT NOTE: We want to communicate that the safety and health of our Ice Ranch community is of the utmost importance and we are respecting the wishes to remain closed through April 30th, 2020 recognizing the potential date of May 1st, 2020 as a possible start back to our regular operations and programming. With that said- we are planning into the Summer 3v3 season with full intention that the Ice Ranch will be open prior to the first week of 3v3 competition beginning the first week of June 2020.

Open to players born in 2014 through 2001.  Each team will play 9 games and at least one playoff game.  Games may begin Monday-Friday starting at 4:00pm, Saturdays starting at 8:00am and Sundays starting at 8:00am.  The Ice Ranch will provide team jerseys and socks.

   ·     High School / Midget (2001 - 2005)                
·     Bantam (2006 & 2007)                                  
·     Pee Wee (2008 & 2009)                                
       ·     Squirt (2010 & 2011                                            
*PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ABOVE DAYS OF THE WEEK PER AGE GROUP/DIVISION ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE as a result of how many teams register per division/tier. We will do our best to accommodate the above advertised dates per age group.*

League Fees:  The cost is $265.00 per player prior to May 1st, 2020/$295.00 after May 2nd. 
Teams must have at least 10 players and no more than 13.  This includes 1 goalie per team (12 skaters + 1 goalie). We WILL NOT make ANY exceptions to this rule for the 2020 summer season. Only SUB goalies who are registered in the league will be allowed to play for teams in need. 

Divisions:  Teams must register for the division they will be playing in next season.  Players and teams may “play up” a division but MAY NOT play down.  A minimum of 4 teams are required to tier a division.  Please play in the highest division possible to ensure a competitive league.  If you are uncertain which level to register at, please contact us.    

Tiering will be based on our ranking system.  Each player will receive a number based on the level that he or she played at during the previous winter season.  If a player is moving up a division, we will subtract 1 point from that player’s score (i.e. a PW AAA player moving up to the Bantam division will have a score of 5 minus 1 for a total of 4).  We will then take the average of all the players on your team to determine your team average.  Teams will be grouped in appropriate tiers based on your team average.  Coaches will no longer be able to choose their team’s tier – your team will be assigned to a tier.  

·         1 Point – House / C
·         2 Points – B
·         3 Points – A
·         4 Points – AA
·         5 Points – AAA 

Please be advised that we reserve the right to move teams within the first month to make games more competitive.    

Important Dates: (No Games on Fourth of July Holiday Weekend, July 4th)
MAY 15th, 2020   -           Registration deadline for all players
~ May 21st, 2020:                 Head Coaches Meeting at 6:30 pm at Santoro’s  (Pizza/Drinks served)
~ 1st Week of June 2020:      Games Start 
~ June 19th, 2020:                Rosters Frozen – NO EXCEPTIONS
~ August 1st-8th, 2020:         End of Regular Season Play 
~ August 15-16th, 2020:        Playoff Weekend/Champioship Games Aug 16th, 2020

If you have any questions, please contact: 
Brent Bohn at 303-285-2116 or


12/07/2018, 3:15pm MST
By Grant W Woodley

Livebarn is now live at the Ice Ranch!


PROMO CODE: 2f58-b348

LiveBarn is Live at the Ice Ranch!

LiveBarn provides online broadcasts of youth and amateur sports across the US & Canada.  Games are broadcast both Live and via On Demand replay.

Family & Friends can watch online when they can’t make it to the game.  Coaches and players can re-play their games, share video highlights or download full games for further review.

LiveBarn is available on a monthly subscription basis starting at $14.95/month. Use PROMO CODE: 2f58-b348 for a 10% discount.

While viewing On Demand, you can SHARE 30-second highlights via social media and email or DOWNLOAD 30-minute clips and store up to 30 hours of video per month (premium accounts).

Visit for more information and be sure to check out LiveBarn News for the latest and greatest highlight videos.

LiveBarn is Live or Coming Soon to many more venues in the US and Canada, click here to see a full list!

Don’t forget to submit your highlights for a chance to be featured in Plays of the Week videos!


  1.  Create a LiveBarn account using the PROMO CODE: 2f58-b348
  2. Search for and select your venue.
  3. Select Live (for Live) or On Demand (for past games or to share/download clips) and select date and time.

TO SHARE: Pause video at time you would like 30-second clip to STOP, select social media or email, and share provided link

TO DOWNLOAD: Pause video, select download, press both download buttons and 30-minute video will download to your computer (for full game select multiple 30 minute sections)

**Premium account for downloading, standard account for sharing**

Thunderbird Rink Timelapse

08/14/2017, 11:30am MDT
By Grant Woodley

Watch the rink be resurfaced from start to finish!

Click HERE to watch the full video on Youtube!


Courtesy of Brian Willie