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The Ice Ranch Covid-19 Update 11/23/21

Update: November 23, 2021


On Monday, November 22, 2021, the Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) issued a public health order requiring masking in all public indoor spaces in Arapahoe County. The public health order will be in effect Wednesday, November 24, 2021, through January 2, 2022, and thereafter until staffed ICU beds availability is above 10%. Currently staffed ICE bed availability in the North Central Region that covers Arapahoe County is 5.8 percent.


This Order follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendation that all persons 2 years of age and older, including fully-vaccinated individuals, should wear face coverings indoors in public in areas with high rates of community transmission, which currently includes Arapahoe County. As of Monday, November 22, 2021, Arapahoe County’s seven-day rate of new infections is 303/100,000, with 202 hospitalizations and 24 deaths thus far in November. Hospital capacity remains extremely tight, with ICU bed utilization at 100% in Arapahoe County.


Exemptions from the public health order include individuals under the age of 2 and those individuals who cannot medically tolerate a face mask.

Arapahoe County Public Health Order Requiring Face Coveringsas of Wednesday, November 24, 2021.


Here are The Ice Ranch’s key guidelines to operate under the public health order:

· Masks are required for all individuals while inside The Ice Ranch, including fully-vaccinated individuals. Players are not required to wear masks while on the ice under physical exertion. Exemptions from the public health order include children under the age of 2 and those individuals who cannot medically tolerate a face mask.

· Teams should not arrive more than sixty (60) minutes prior to their scheduled ice time.

· Social distancing of 6 feet is encouraged from those from different households.

· Do not share snacks or water bottles, except in emergency situations.

· Do not share personal equipment such as sticks, gloves, helmets, etc.

· Guests of Celly’s Bar & Grill may remove masks once seated at their table with their party.


These guidelines are in effect until January 2, 2022, and thereafter until staffed ICU beds availability is above 10%, or the Tri County Health Department (TCHD) rescinds the public health order.


In addition, everyone should continue to take these preventative actions to protect themselves as well as others in their family and community:

· Wear a non-medical mask or face covering when away from your home in crowded indoor settings where you are unsure of
   the vaccination status of others.

· Stay at least six feet away from others if you are unsure of their vaccination status.

· If you have symptoms of COVID-19, isolate yourself and contact your health care provider.

· Do not go to work or other public spaces if you are sick.

· Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.


Terence J. Ott
Terence J. Ott
General Manager
The Ice Ranch, LLC

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